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Start and Galaxy analytics

Abandoned/Removal Objects

Start or Galaxy cameras recognize anomalous or dangerous situations such as the abandonment or removal of objects within an area. Alarm triggering rules such as detection area and abandonment/removal time are easily set from the web page.

Area intrusion

Start and Galaxy analytics support a function that is as simple as it is effective: recognizing intrusions within user-defined areas. If a target subject is present within one or more specific zones, the cameras generate an immediate alarm. The identified subjects can be classified as human/motorcycle/vehicle.

Line crossing

Is there a need to monitor and report the crossing of a specific line that delimits an area by target subjects? Start and Galxy analytics are the ideal solution. It is possible to set the crossing direction (from area A to area B, vice versa or both) and classify the target according to the human/motorcycle/vehicle criterion for complete security.

Galaxy analytics

Area entering

Galaxy cameras implement a further evolution of analytics in terms of prevention: entering the area and leaving the area. This analytic is able to recognize the action itself of the entry or exit, refining the detection.

Regional statistics

It is an advanced video analysis feature that allows to obtain statistics relating to specific detection areas in certain time intervals. Therefore, it is possible to have transit and parking data of subjects in sensitive areas (people, motorcycles or vehicles).

Heat map

It is an advanced video analysis feature exclusive to Galaxy cameras that allows you to create a map that highlights the areas with the highest traffic or affluence using differentiated colours. It is very useful for defining or predicting the flows of subjects within an environment.

Count line

This kind of application is useful in points of a great influx of people, where the software analyzes and keeps track of the number of subjects and classify them according to clothing and distinctive signs.


The loitering function has a very important purpose in terms of prevention. In fact, thanks to the possibility of setting the area and the dwelling time, it generates an alarm when a person stops in an area, perhaps to plan a criminal act.

Illegal parking

Parking in areas not used for parking is often dangerous behaviour or capable of causing traffic problems. The function present in the Galaxy cameras allows you to generate an alarm when a car parks and stops for a set time in a defined area.

Ambient audio

It may happen that a dangerous event is not immediately recognizable on video but generates a sudden noise in the environment. Galaxy cameras equipped or connected to a microphone, through a detailed analysis of environmental sounds, are able to generate an alarm if the sound itself exceeds a certain set threshold.

Multiple analytics

The strong point of the Galaxy cameras is the possibility of setting multiple analysis algorithms, in order to raise the level of security and to differentiate the possible dangers within the shooting scene.

Looking for even more powerful video analytics? Use Metadata or create interactions between analytics.

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